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Villa Hermosa Assisted Living

About Villa Hermosa


Villa Hermosa is owned by Kirsten Carr, MD, a family medicine physician who has spent most of her career taking care of adults living in long-term care and hospice.  Dr. Carr realized through this experience that sometimes large facilities do not help a person realize their full potential and add to confusion and isolation as a person ages.  Having seen how smaller, more home-like settings can help a person thrive, she opened Villa Hermosa with the hope of providing a home and not just a care facility.  

Everything we do at Villa Hermosa is designed to make you feel at home.  We will begin your transition into your new home with an extensive interview that allows you and your loved ones to help us create an environment that is truly yours.  We want to know each resident's favorite foods, drinks, sweets, colors, activities, books, music, and more so that this home has all the things that are needed to feel truly at home!

We work with occupational therapists, nutritionists, medical providers, pharmacists, artisans, interior designers and more to make sure that your experience is a reflection of you as a person and that your needs as a person are met.

We hire caregivers who are dedicated to helping people.  Each caregiver is required to have worked in this setting before coming to work at Villa Hermosa.  Every caregiver must undergo periodic training and supervision to make sure that the level of care they provide is in keeping with our goal of treating every resident like a VIP.

We welcome you and your family to come and tour (virtually or in-person) our home to see if it is a good fit for you!  Just go to the "Contact Us" page and fill in the form to be connected or click below on the "call us" or "email" links.

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